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13 changing artists -  a new flag on the quay every week

22 January1 May 2022

Flag/Erfalasoq – from Nuuk to The North Atlantic House
Distinctive new flags will flutter in the wind outside The North Atlantic House from 21. January until 1. May. Every week, we will raise a different new one by artists from Greenland, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Denmark/Korea, the Czech Republic and Norway.

To raise a flag
The act of raising a flag is a symbolic and ritual marking of national territory. National flags have many connotations and stir a range of emotions. The Greenland flag – Erfalasorput – is relatively new and was first hoisted in 1985.

Flag is language
There are other types of flags: club flags, chequered flags, prayer flags, signal flags. Flags communicate in a language that needs to be learned, and habit can blind us to their symbolism.

Greetings from Nuuk
The exhibition is curated by the artist Gudrun Hasle and Stine Lundberg Hansen, the former head of communications at Nuuk Art Museum, who invited the 13 artists to create their own flags back in 2019. They were originally displayed in front of Holms Hus, the first Greenlandic self-build house in the old Kolonihavn in Nuuk.


The North Atlantic House is proud to host the exhibition and fly all of these new flags.


21. Jan—27. Jan: Miki Jacobsen

28. Jan-3. Feb: Jóhan Martin Christiansen

4. Feb—10. Feb: Gudrun Hasle

11. Feb—17. Feb: Klara Hobza 

18. Feb—14. Feb: Jeannette Ehlers

25. Feb—3. Mar: Jacob Borges

4. Mar—10. Mar: Gukki Nuka

11. Mar—17. Mar: Ivínguak' Stork Høegh

18. Mar—24. Mar: Hesselholdt & Mejlvang

25. Mar—31. Mar: Máret Ánne Sara

1. Apr—7. Apr: Paarma Brandt

8. Apr—14. Apr: Jette Hye Jin Mortensen

15. Apr—21. Apr: Sonya Kelliher-Combs

22. Apr—1. May: Gudrun Hasle