There's Something in the Air ...
Randi Samsonsen

17 August - 20 October 2013

Sometimes there is something in the air. Something, which flies through the air. Something, which finds a little crevice. It gets stuck. It begins to grow. Randi Samsonsen

The textile designer Randi Samsonsen (b. 1977) has just returned to her native Faroe Islands where she has experienced both creative growth and creative frustration.

This experience has pushed her beyond what is normally expect-
ed of textile design, and the result, which is inspired by the culture and landscape of the Faroe Islands and by the feelings stirred by her return, can now be seen in this exhibition. 

The "collection" - the knitted pieces - are either mounted in pict-ure frames or presented like sculptures in the exhibition space.
In addition to its existential basis, the exhibition explores two concepts: scale and tactility. What can knitwear do in terms of conquering and making a scenic impact in a room?

Randi Samsonsen studied in Denmark, Sweden and Spain. She has just finished her Master's in textile design at Kolding School of Art.

See Randis blog

See Randis blog