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RAW MATERIAL! - Young People in Greenland

11 October - 9 November 2014

Greenland's youth - damned, yet remarkable
There's no place in the world like here.
It's not about the landscape - it's about the people.
Here the improbable seems probable.
Here you'll find humanity and inhumanity
At one and the same time.
Fragility and toughness side by side. Darkness and light.

We choose light, humour, hope and love.
Let's share them with one another.
And with all our might let's make the future our own.
Emma Kuko, Tasiilaq

The future belongs to the young generation. They are the ones, who will propel Greenland further, finding a place in the world for themselves and for Greenland. The exhibition, RAW MATERIAL! is a portrait by, for and about this generation - the young: Greenland's most important “raw material”.

From 2010 to 2012, the photographer, Tina Enghoff and the journalist, Anette Molbech ran three intensive creative workshops in Paamiut, Tasiilaq and Nuuk with a group of young Greenlanders. The intention was to encourage the young people to think about, and portray their lives as young people. To encourage them to express their hopes, dreams and thoughts about life and the future in photos and texts, based on the towns they live in.

The creative process involved in teaching, coaching and involving the young people in the production of images and text led to a series of credible and thoughtful representations of young people's lives that are certainly worth seeing.

Art as a social lever
By deploying modes of expression, with which they were already familiar, the young people got the courage to show more sensitive, vulnerable or painful sides of themselves. So the writing and photos ended up giving a vivid reflection of subjects close to the hearts of these young people: love, need, hope, loneliness and pain.

The project was also successful in enhancing the participants’ self-knowledge and strength by encouraging them to see - quite literally - what they were capable of. The project enabled them to see new opportunities for development, in particular giving them a recognition of the fact that they personally have the means and potential to do something, which is not only unique, but which may have significance and make sense for others. The fact that they are creative!


Anders Umerineq, Aron Pivat, Astrid Brønlund, Domilia Singertat, Emma Kuko, Elisa Nathanielsen, Ferdinand Mikaelsen, Hans Uitsatikitseq, Inger Kuitse, Karale Boassen, Marie Nathanielsen, Maren Sivertsen, Mariette Uitsatikitseq, Viggo Poulsen.

Ilannguaq Gabrielsen, Mogens Juliussen, Nikolaj Joelsen, Ronnie R. Olesen, Johanne Kleist, Aage Jensen, Nuka S. Knudsen, Jess Ludvigsen, Andrine Mikaelsen, Peter-Ole Olsen.

Anna-Aviaq H. Poulsen, Josef Joelsen, Jørgen Møller, Aqqaluk Abelsen, Naaluk Didriksen, Regine Davidsen, Johanne Noahsen, Nuunu Josefsen, Johannes Heilmann, Gilda Mogensen, Nannga Kleist-Johansen, Daniel Nzulumike, Magdaline Larsen, Bebiane Jessen, Tina-Marie Frederiksen, Nukartaa Frederiksen.

In collaboration with TIna Enghoff og Anette Molbech.

Supported by the Bikuben Foundation, the Sermeq Foundation, the Politiken Foundation, the Nuna Foundation, Napa - the Nordic Institute of Greenland