Exhibition 13 June—18 October 2020

This exhibition is a spontaneous artistic reflection on the ongoing global COVID-19 epidemic, and is inspired by Mail Art, art as correspondance, which now seems highly relevant in times where we are forced to be “together – apart”.

When the Hungarian artist Endre Tót was living behind the Iron Curtain in the 1970´s, he started sending countless works in the form of Mail Art to the rest of the world. He understood that people could communicate through art, even from great distances. The Iron curtain has collapsed since then, and digital technology has also made the world smaller. However, with the coronavirus crisis the distances have again become greater, and all of a sudden we seem very far apart. 

We believe that art can bring us closer together. Therefore we have invited a selection of North Atlantic artists to send us postcards across the ocean with an artistic greeting. Their contributions are gathered here in the exhibition, that will be gradually expand over time.