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Jette Bang & Kirsten Klein

Two photographers – two visions of the People’s Country.

18 June – 21 August 2016

A generation divides the work of the two artists, Jette Bang (1914-1964) and Kirsten Klein (born 1945), both of whom have shared a passion for Greenland. The country and its “subjects” have changed completely during this time, but they have also remained the same. The towns and living conditions of the 1940s and 1950s were very different from those of today. Meanwhile, for the most part, the natural scenery appears largely unaltered, although climate changes have taken their toll in recent years.

Yet, despite the time lapse, climate change and the general evolution of the country, the two photographers and their works have much in common. Their images were born of the same intensity and honesty.

As well as possessing obvious technical and professional expertise, both artists are empathic and sensitive in relation to their subjects. This elevates their photographs to an artistic level.

Even though their photographs may contain elements that date them, they are universal, possessing a respectful empathy for their subjects. They are objective, sympathetic depictions of everyday life: not as in postcards or snapshots, but looking at the people and the country from within.

Coincidentally the two photographers’ paths crossed through cooperation with the manager of the small settlement, Saqqaq, Hannibal Fencker (1914-1986). Fencker was Jette Bang’s assistant on the filming of “Inuit”, which can be viewed in this exhibition, and the two of them developed a close friendship. Fencker’s red cottage, which today functions as an artist residence, became Kirsten Klein’s residence during her visit to Saqqaq in August 2012. Fencker is thereby – albeit indirectly – present in both artists’ works…

As we know, “Kalaallit Nunaat” means the “People’s Country”. This could also be the title of the exhibition, in which the two photographers show the people and the country, thus creating an overall impression of Greenland.


The exhibition is supported by
Statens Kunstfond
Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond
Skibsreder C. Kraemer og Hustru Mathielde Kraemer's Grønlandsfond
Arktisk Institut
Mariagerfjord Kommune
Sermersooq kommunia / Nuuk Kommune