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Open today from: 10-17
Open today from: 10-17
Open today from: 10-17
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Open today from: 12-17



Friday, September 8th, 6-9 pm
Saturday, September 9th, 10 am-8pm 

You'll get plenty of inspiration and the opportunity to meet a number of Icelandic, Faroese and Greenlandic producers of yarn and knitting design during the two-day festival at North Atlantic House.

Tickets: 150 kr. Buy the online via You only need to purchase 1 ticket - one ticket can be used both days!!
Buy you ticket ahead of time, and receive a gift from the Icelandic yarnproducer, Istex, upon your arrival.

Icelandic, Faroese and Greenlandic design- and knitting.
Icelanders are very active knitters. The Icelandic wool is known all over the world for its wonderful quality, and in recent years, the Icelandic knitting industry has been blossoming. Respect for old traditions meets new ideas on this bustling scene, and during these two days, you will be able to meet some of the most prominent wool producers and designers from Iceland.

Faroese wool is oftentimes referred to as the Faroese gold. The warehouse, that now houses North Atlantic House, was once the storage place for products made by Faroese knitters from this wonderful Faroese wool. Warm, water- and windrepellent sweaters and socks were a vital export from the Faroe Islands, and videly used by Danes.

From Greenland, we look forward to presenting wool from the Greenlandic Musk Ox - softer than even angora wool! Qiviut, the Greenlandic label behind the product also brings inspiration and kits for those interested in working with sealskin - e.g. making sealskin mittens!

Here are the designers and yarnproducers you'll meet during the Knitting Festival:

Einrúm, yarn, recipes, knitting kits (Iceland)

Móakot, recipes, knitting kits (Iceland)

Bente Lavsen, ”Once upon a time”, recipes, knitting kits (Denmark/ Iceland)

Fru Zippe, yarn (Denmark/ Iceland)

Qiviut, Musk Ox yarn and sealskin (Greenland)

 crochet recipes, wool and rabbityarn (Iceland)

, Icelandic quality wool 

Bara Healh
, Health pillows for knitters (Iceland)

Plantdyed yarn (Iceland)

Færøsk strik, Presentation and recipebook from the Faroe Islands (in Danish) by Svanhild Strøm and Marjun Biskupstø

Sirri, yarn, recipes and inspiration (Faroe Islands)

Astrid Skibssted  Presentation: "Colour Map of Icelandic Wool" (in Danish)

Anna Kristín Helgadóttir. Yarn, recipes (Iceland)


Online Tickets

Online Tickets