Copenhagen Light Festival 2021: Corona – Black Hole Sun

Experience one of the main art works at the Copenhagen Light Festival, which will break the winter darkness and fill the city with light and hope.

February 5.—27th 2021

NB. Due to current restrictions, the culture house is closed throughout the period, but the work can be experienced on the facade of the house, where you will also find information on how you can influence it with your mobile phone. Read more about the light festival here.

Corona – Black Hole Sun is one of the festival’s light works, whose message we so desperately need at this time. The work is a re-creation of the recognizable corona that occurs during a solar eclipse. The rare experience of the life-giving sun standing like a black silhouette, with a sharp and vibrating ring of light rays around it. A gloomy feeling that our entire basis of existence has been put out of play for a short while, but also a rare and amazing experience that heralds the return of light. 

The light work was conceived by the design office Kollision in collaboration with LiteNordic Spaces and Martin Professional and was created specifically for Copenhagen’s waterfront, prominently mounted on the old facade of Nordatlantens Brygge, whose brick stages the work’s basic idea in the most beautiful way.

The work intends to recapture the name Corona, and anchor it in the optimism of the sun, rather than the heavy blanket of deprivation that the name has in these times laid all over the world. The work aims to instill hope and provide a luminous experience, in the middle of winter darkness.

A belief that brighter times will return.

Copenhagen Light Festival

Copenhagen Light Festival