Room rental

Our almost 250 year-old warehouse has been fully renovated, but its North Atlantic soul has been preserved and has a lot to offer.

The room rental includes setup of chairs and tables, and standard Av-equipment: flipover, whiteboard, lectern, overhead projector and video projector.

For further information please contact us at +45 3283 3700 or


Price pr. day
REYKJAVÍK, 350 m2 19.500,-
Exstra hours (pr. started hour) 2.600,- / off office hours: 3.100,-
Max. 170 seated
Max. 250 standing  



NUUK, 216 m2 14.500,-
Exstra hours (pr. started hour) 2.000,- / off office hours: 2.500,-
Max. 50 persons, seated  
Max. 150 persons, standing



TÓRSHAVN, 50 m2 7.200,-
Exstra hours (pr. started hour) 1.050,- / off office hours: 1.500,-
Max. 20 standing /seated persons  
Prices includes VAT